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Our country Nepal is rich in musical cultures and rituals. Traditional original songs and music that are in vogue among different castes and communities , some of which have disappeared and some have reached an endangered state. Devoted to our precious original songs and music that carry national identity, research and preservation of such traditions and keeping them alive as Nepali identity for ages, A social organization called Music Research and Development Forum Nepal was established in the year 2007 AD. The multi-caste and multi-lingual people here have very beautiful and ear-pleasing musical traditions. But with the increasing urbanization and modernity, all those original and traditional musical heritages have been lost and some have reached the point of being lost. We, the Mrdf Nepal is working round the clock to search and research the original and traditional songs and musical instruments that have disappeared and to protect and study the endangered musical cultures, to create books and audios and videos related to such subjects and keep them for records or to publish them for awareness.

Mission and Objectives

Our main mission is to make a global musical world with brotherhood relation by the help of musical presentation and musical education.
Searching for neglected or hidden musical talents from different part of our country and make them capable with more training to present them to the public.
To search and research the forgotten songs, music and musical instruments and try to bring them back into circulation.
To study and research all of our musical traditions from different parts of the country and make them rehearse for continuity to exchange with world.
Organize various types of musical competitive programs to find special musical Artist and presenting them to the public.
Searching for singers, instrumentalists, songwriters, musicians, composers and other artists from every corner of the country support them to sustain.
Searching and collecting the audio videos and recordings, related to historical songs and cultural heritages that are about to be lost.
To prepare, present and broadcast books, biographies, films, miniatures, documentaries and various types of works related to old musician
To prepare articles, books and audio videos on the topics of national and local songs, bhajans, folk songs and other rituals, related to music that are in vogue among different language speakers of the country.
Honoring famous and senior musical Artist by organizing various kinds of musical programs.
Organizing various types of free music events And education for special people like prisoners, orphan etc
Awarding the best music artists to inspire them to do more.
Supporting talented artists in various ways to grow up more by creating songs, album, video production etc.
To provide various opportunities to music professionals according to their skills and arrange training in home and abroad for the development of modern knowledge.
Initiatives to provide scholarships for music study abroad and at home for artists who want to gain more musical knowledge.
Coordinating with national and international organizations that have the same objective and sharing support to each other.
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